Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Major League Superstitions

 In the entire sporting world it’s easy to say that baseball players believe the most in superstitions. When a player goes on a hot streak he will continue to do whatever he believes got him to play so well and concurrently when he goes cold, he will avoid what he believes to be brining him down. Does this pregame ritual, article of clothing, or small gesture before you step into the batters box actually mean anything? In the MLB there are hundreds of players with different superstitions, in which they believe, are “keeping them hot” when in reality it could all just be a bunch of B.S.
Its said that former player Jason Giambi when in a slump had a weird superstition that would break him out of it. Giambi had a golden thong in which he would wear until he broke the slump. Other players like current Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza believes that going to Popeye’s chicken before each game will make him throw better. Turns out he is actually one of the better pitchers in the league.  Other players believe that a certain number will bring them luck, such as pitcher Turk Wendell whom had the number 9 throughout his career and even signed a major contract for $9,999,999.99.

Is all this superstition just a hoax? Many major league players seem to think not and their impressive stats can speak for themselves. What do you think, can superstitions be real?


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  1. I do not know much about baseball superstitions, but I do know Taylor Swift. LOL. she does the exact same thing before she performs, but instead she writes a number "13" on her hand. However, it is crazy how as rational humans, we believe in such irrational things (including myself). I am starting to understand that all pseudoparanormal events revolve around the anxiety of the unknown, and superstitions really bring upon so many questions. Do you have any?