Thursday, July 28, 2016

Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls)

Located south of Mexico City in the Xochimoco canals lies the Island of the Dolls. Hundreds of dolls with holes for eyes, severed limbs, and decapitated heads decorate the trees on the island. Those who have visited claim that they have seen the dolls moving and blinking. Others say that they have heard the dolls whispering, and people traveling on boats believe the dolls lured them to the island.
Legend has it that a young girl had drowned in a tragic accident here nearly a century ago. A man named Don Julian Santana Barrera had found the girl's lifeless body and shortly after found a doll floating in the same area. He was so distraught over not being able to save the girl, he hung the doll from a tree to honor her spirit. However, the death of the girl began to haunt him and he started to hang more dolls. Over time, he realized that the dolls were possessed and he continued to collect more and more of them. Those who were close to Julian said it was as if some unseen force changed him. After fifty years of collecting and hanging dolls, he was found dead.. drowned in the same spot as the young girl.

Some choose to believe that the island is indeed haunted while others find it to be a charmed place. Sometimes believing in what seems impossible excites us and opens the door to a whole new world.


Also, here's a video if you would like to learn more about the island and see more creepy photos!

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