Monday, July 25, 2016

Do dreams mean something?

There are many different theories on whether or not dreams actually mean something. Some people claim to have dreams that predict the future. For example, people have dreamt that they were pregnant, and then a few weeks later discovered that they were actually pregnant. Some say that these dreams are not psychic, due to the simple fact that the person could have been thinking about trying to conceive, which led to them unconsciously accessing that knowledge while sleeping.

Some people truly believed that they had psychic dreams about the Titanic sinking. Someone even had a date stamped letter which validated that they had that dream before the Titanic sunk. Does this prove that psychic dreams are real? According to Robert Todd Carroll, the answer is no. Carroll is a writer and retired academic, and is best known for his contributions in the field of skepticism. He claims that each person has an average of five dreams per night--multiply that by the amount of people in the world, and there is no way that someone won't coincidentally have a dream about a sinking ship on any given night.
In the beginning of my college career, I took a psychology class with an extremely intelligent and interesting professor, who was also a psychiatrist. One thing that I'll never forget about that class was his lesson about dreams. He claimed that every dream means something, and that he could discover certain things about some of his patients' lives--things that they had never told him-- solely based on their dreams. He truly made me believe that some dreams have a hidden meaning.


  1. I always wondered the same question if dreams have any sort of meaning to them. I used to research about this topic on the internet all the time. There are actually some websites that are dedicated to providing the symbolic meaning for objects, feelings, colors, and what not that you see in your dreams. For example, I remember reading one of the meanings saying that if you see a snake in your dream that it could mean that you are going through tough times, and it is supposed to symbolize the feeling of anxiety (if I remember correctly). I do not think that that is possible to predict the future based on what you think you saw in your dreams just because it might vaguely relate to an event that happened.

  2. I agree with Carroll in that people can not predict the future from there dreams. However, I do believe dreams do have meaning to an extent. Every now and again, I will wake up in a fit of panic. Usually, it will be because I was dreaming about a possession of mine being stolen, lost, or broken. While I do not think that this will actually happen, what it does tell me is that the next day will most likely be an anxiety filled one. In this case, my dreams sort of help control my anxiety attacks because I can prepare.The dreams tell me to prepare by wearing bracelets that I can play with to help sooth myself to help stop or delay an attack. My mom usually has dreams of a person after their death. While she believes ghosts are coming to visit her, I believe it is just her minds way of coping with a death. So, I do believe dreams have a strong purpose, but they do not give psychic premonitions.