Thursday, July 21, 2016


A doppelgänger is essentially an individuals "exact double." Theres are conspiracies saying that every single person in the world has a doppelgänger. Some even say that after you see your doppleganger in real life, you die.
Using the term doppelgänger in the paranormal sense, it would be a ghostly double of an individual who is still alive. There is belief that this is a ghost taking the appearance of an individual to cause mischief. Also, some believe that seeing the ghostly figure themselves can cause harm, illness, or death of the person.
It is said that President Abraham Lincoln saw his doppelgänger in the mirror next to his own reflection. The being looked sickly. Shortly after, the president was assassinated. Queen Elizabeth I was another famous person to have seen their doppelgänger. As she entered her bedroom, she saw herself laying in her own bed. The figure looked sickly. Shortly after, the Queen became ill and died in the very same bed.
 The photos above are real life, alive doppelgängers. Below are ghostly computer generated doppelgängers. The bottom right is a portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.


  1. Great post! You gave good information. This is such a creepy concept.

  2. I have never heard of a doppleganger before so this post was really interesting and new to me! You did a great job of adding a variety of information into a short post!

  3. These pictures are awesome. Since I was young, I've always wondered about doppelgängers and if everyone really does have one. After first learning about that theory, I used to actually look for my own doppelgänger wherever I went, whether I was at the mall, the supermarket, etc. (granted, I was only about 10 years old.) I wasn't aware of the supposed death afterwards though.. or else I probably wouldn't have been so eager to find mine.