Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pig Lady Road.

Legend has that there is a lady that was born as a pig in Hillsborough NJ and she ended up marrying this guy to later chop his head off. If you drive into this road, which is actually a driveway, and turn your lights off and get out of your car walking down the road you will hear a squeal and have an axe chase you with a loud squeal. The other legend has it that when you turn off your car lights and drive down the road you will see a glowing pigs head out of the shadows.
Above is a photo from weird nj of the road that is claimed to be haunted by the soul of this pig lady. It is a very difficult road to find. Myself and four friends once went down three separate nights down to Hillsborough to look for it and finally after looking for about 4 hours the last night we were able to find it. There is a "no trespassing" sign that is posted so it is obviously private property.

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  1. When I was in middle school one of my class mates said that he went down this road with his dad and saw a pig head. Not sure if I believe him or not but this is definitely an interesting post!