Thursday, July 21, 2016

Burke Road

In Freehold, NJ there is a road with no street sign, but people say it is called Burke Road. The road is near Iron Bridge Road and Elton Adelphia Road. If you drive about 10 feet onto the road, you will see a "Do Not Enter" sign. Locals say the road is haunted, and that executions took place at the end of this street. Apparently, if you drive down this road at night, you will see the ghosts of the people that were killed at an old church on the side of the road. I attempted to drive down this road once with some friends. We stopped in front of the church, and there were animal (we think) bones hanging from trees. After we passed the church, we saw bloody mattresses lining the street. We got scared and turned around. There was smoke in the distance. I don't think i'll be going down this road again. We didn't see any ghosts, though.


  1. Wow I live right near Freehold and have never heard of this road! It sounds like you had a really creepy experience. Before summer ends I am definitely going to check this spot out.

  2. I also live near freehold and never heard of this either! I do typically do Weird NJ stuff alot, so i'll have to add this to my list. There is a road near middletown that I went to called the weeping willow, and apparently the same thing happens there. I went, and saw some things written on the trees, but I think that punk kids wrote on the trees to scare us. Has anyone else been?

  3. This reminds me of a road my friends and I visited in Medford. Everyone told us not to go (especially at night), but we did anyway. It was really eerie and one of my friends made me turn around, so we didn't get to drive the whole thing. I definitely want to check this one out though!