Saturday, July 30, 2016

Moundsville Penitentary

Moundsville Penitentary was operated in West Virginia for over 100 years. It was one of the most violent correctional facilities in America, and now it is said to be haunted. The worst of the worst ended up here, and continued with there horrible ways behind bars. Rape and murder occurred often. The prison was overcrowded, so people lived in very tight quarters. A lot of prisoners were killed here, either by other prisoners or in the electric chair. People were hung in the gallows as well. This prison shut its doors to prisoners in 1995, but tours are offered regularly. It is said that the ghosts prisoners can be seen and heard in the penitentiary. One of the first reported ghost sightings here has been connected to R.D. Wall, who was jumped and murdered by three other inmates. He was brutally stabbed and cut into pieces.  Apparently, he haunts the basement. R.D. Wall is just one example. There have been tons of reported ghost encounters, and many scared visitors claiming to have heard the ghosts.


  1. the problem with haunted places is that it is more folk-lore than scientifically proven fact. Sometimes it is what we want to believe and other times it is simply some type of anomaly that cannot be readily explained.

  2. I really enjoy stories like this. growing up I was always a fan of shows like Ghost Hunters and stuff like that and this is right up their alley. I do think that a lot, if not most of the findings that they come up with are made up to create viewers, but maybe its true. Maybe there are actually be prisoners haunting there final resting place.