Monday, July 18, 2016

Heartbeat Road

   One of my favorite haunted places in New Jersey is Heartbeat Road, or better known as Annie's Road. This is one of my favorites because my old apartment was about a quarter mile away from the entrance to the road; which is located in Totowa, New Jersey. The legend behind the road is that back in the 1960's a girl named Annie was killed on that road on her prom night. Legend has it if you go at night and turn off your car lights you will see Annie standing there in a white dress. They also say that you can hear heartbeats, although we have concluded that its just water pipes running through. It's still a very terrifying road, and would never fail to be scared to drive down it when I lived there.


  1. Zack this is very interesting, there is a legend some what like this out of cetenary college in hackettstown. Legend says if you ask the girl if she needs a ride she will become the passenger of the car and once reach her destination she leaves the vehicle leaving a mark on the side of the passenger door.

  2. I've heard about this. It's so interesting! Even though the noise is just water pipes, it's probably still a very creepy drive.