Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Psychics: Real or Rip off?

The mind is extremely complex in what each individual chooses to believe in. Some believe in ghosts, some believe in big foot, and others believe all of this nonsense is crap. However unlike other pseudoparanormal people and events, believing in psychic powers is a far more complicated topic. Psychics are people who claim that they can read each individual person and predict their future.     They make believing in something so outrages become personal, and with that being said, it makes us wonder whether or not these people truly have these powers.

The main issue, I feel, with believing in psychic fortunes is that there is no hard core scientific evidence to support their claims. So, I went to do a little bit of investigating work. An employee of mine had mentioned (way before my interest in paranormal took place) that a psychic once told her that her father would die in May 2016 of a heart attack, and indeed he did. That was enough for me to end up going to the same psychic. I sat down, she read my aura, and $50 later my future was spread out for me. I must admit, everything that she said was pretty spot on. She told me that I have a sister who lives in Florida, that my destiny is to live in California, and even know all of my medical history. And while all of this is true, I wonder if I wanted to believe in this so bad that I made myself believe, or that I led her on to facts about my life without even realizing. So was the $50 psychic reading a rip off? My family said yes, but to me, it was worth having a "potentially" bright future!



  1. I feel like psychics only have the ability to make people who want to believe, believe. Generally anyone who goes to a psychic has some sort of belief that what he or she is going to tell you truly is your future. The true power of psychics is being able to generalize an be so vague that what they tell you can apply to almost anyone, just like some of the lectures showed. I think that it is creepy that the psychic you went to was able to predict your friends fathers passing, but who really knows, maybe there is a psychic ability that only few posses.

  2. I have never personally been to a psychic, but my mom has a cousin who has been! Her cousin told the psychic he did not want to hear anything negative or bad. So she followed his wishes and only told him positive things. However, there was something negative she really wanted him to know, but he refused to hear it. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and he put it in his wallet. He died in a car accident on his way home. When police read the paper, it said "you will never make it home."
    Also, my mother has been to a psychic. She was unable to have children, and was married to someone with blonde hair. So, when she was told she would fall in love with someone with dark hair and have to girls she was not convinced. Later, she got divorced, and married my dad who has dark hair. She adopted a BOY named Jeffrey, who's parents wanted him back. Later, she went through invitro fertilization five times, and became pregnant with my sister. She was told it was too dangerous to have any more children. Three years later, she had a friend who's daughter got pregnant, had a baby and wanted to put it up for adoption. They knew my mom couldn't have any more children so they asked if they wanted the baby. She said yes. That baby was me. She is now happily married to a man with dark hair, and has two children, who are both female, just like the psychic said!

  3. Your story about your mom's cousin gave me chills! Wow.. speechless

  4. Your story about your mom's cousin gave me chills! Wow.. speechless

  5. My family has used psychic intervention in a could of different instances but I have never seen it work. My mom and sister claim that they have had unexplained things explained to them by psychics but I have never seen it work personally. The stories my mom and sister tell are very interesting and they make you want to believe in that kind of stuff but I just cannot bring myself to believe it.