Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ringing in the ears; health concern or an ET communication?

Have you ever experienced an annoying and consistent ringing inside of your eyes? Ringing in the ears is known to be a symptom of many health issues such as tinnitus and even occurs when you are lacking Vitamin D. However, some people believe that ringing in the ears has a more spiritual connection to it. Those who believe in this phenomenon say that when ringing in the ears occur for an individual, a change is expected to happen, or what some experts will call a “DNA upgrade.”  It is said that this experience has to do with a shift in dimensions in order for a spirit guide to reach different information to you that otherwise cannot be transferred because the ears is said to be the most convenient place to do it. People believe that our ears are unable to hear certain things because they may function on a higher or lower octave based on our ear ranges. The belief is that an entity is attempting to broadcast a frequency so high pitched that us humans are not able to hear it, but the ringing has the ability to influence our decisions. They believe that an onset regular occurrence of ringing in the ears is a sign of a higher intelligence attempting to communicate with you. However, this is a tough phenomenon to believe considering that there are so many other health related possibilities that could be the reason for a simple ringing in the ears.  

I personally experience frequent ringing in my left or right ear, but I do not believe that I am being contacted. I know that my ears rings often because I listen to loud music daily and this will have a negative effect on my ears; ergo causing the ringing to occur.

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  1. Interesting thought. I always was told that when my ear rings it's mean someone is talking about me! These are all interesting theories, but you're right, probably a health issue!