Monday, February 9, 2015

Due to made up beliefs in today’s society, Voodoo has been depicted as a dark religion that involves casting terrible spells. Many people today believe that voodoo is a magical phenomenon, consisting of animal sacrifices and harming others through the use of dolls. The steps include repeating a chant and instilling the doll with a person’s soul. Most individuals think that if the doll is harmed in any way, a person will suffer the same injuries and harm.
In all actuality, the Voodoo practices that are seen on movies and heard about in the news are falsified and incorrect. The religion originated in Africa and its primary values include experience, empowerment, and responsibility. The people who practice Voodoo do believe that there is a visible and an invisible world. They believe in spirits. In order to keep their memories alive, Voodoo worshipers hang posters of the deceased and keep their possessions. They try to connect with the spirits and manifest their energy.
            People believe that Voodoo is bad because of prejudice views. It is dated back to when slavery was an issue in Africa. In reality, Voodoo is a type of religion, just like Christianity or Protestantism. It is simply a misunderstood ritual.
            In terms of the Elements of Though chart, the information that is presented is that Voodoo is nothing more than religious practices. The media has made Voodoo seem like a monstrous and terrible concept, but it really is not. Voodoo is practiced in predominantly African countries. It includes prayers, holy water, candles, and incense. This information provides justification that Voodoo is not what everyone makes it out to be. It is clearly just misunderstood.

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