Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bigfoot Real or Hoax?

Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch is a mythical ape/human creature that is rumored to live in the Northwestern United States.Although many believe the creature is from the northwest, reported sightings have happened all across the United States. The popularity of Big Foot grew in the late 1950’s after many magazines published articles claiming to have discovered large mysterious footprints in California.
Although there is no hard scientific proof that this creature exists, there is still a percentage of the US population that truly believes that this ape like creature is roaming the forest. Most of what we know about this supposed creature is based on eyewitness accounts and unreliable photographic evidence. The issue with eyewitness reports is that they are quite often extremely inaccurate and more often than not, a hoax. The most famous piece of Bigfoot evidence is a 1967 film by Roger Patterson and Rob Gremlin. The film shows a dark haired, man sized ape like creature walking through a forest in California. Most criticize the film, claiming it is a hoax, but it is the clearest look we have ever had at a supposed Bigfoot.
Many Bigfoot enthusiast have tried to use scientific evidence to prove the creatures existence, but normally they fail to do so. Samples of “Bigfoot Hair” normally end of being from an Elk or Bear. Also, it is impossible for one member of one species to exist.If Bigfoot was real, there would need to be thousands of them in order to maintain the species.
While Bigfoot's existence seems unlikely, there are still many people who definitely believe that the creature is out there. Until the day Bigfoot decides to show himself to the world, it remains to just be another creature to be on the look out for in the woods.

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