Monday, February 9, 2015

Demon Possession

   Demon and ghost possession is something that has become very popular in horror movies and has caught the attention of a lot of people. Many people find it a good source of entertainment until they see something being "based on a true story" or claiming that they have actually had something happen to them. Things like this are often hard to prove and because of this are often shown a lot of skepticism. A family from Indianapolis caught attention from the media when they filed claims that there children were possessed by demons. Latoya Ammons claimed that her three children were being possessed by something she believed to have been evil. Even more to add to the story are claims that corroborate her story from police capt. Charles Austin and the family social worker. 
    She claimed that strange things were happening in her old house until they decided to moved to their house in Gary, Indiana. They had swarms of flied and wet foot prints all over their house. In addition to those strange occurrences Ammons saw her daughter floating above her bed to which she prayed over her until she came back down onto her bed; her daughter doesn't remember it happening. She also claims that her youngest son spent hours in his closet talking to an imaginary boy, has been thrown out of the bathroom when no one has been around him, and the last thing that caused to much uproar was the fact that he walked backwards up the wall to the ceiling. This was the incident that was observed by the social worker.Ammons claims that the house was visited by the church to exorcize the house and was visited by a clairvoyant who claimed that there were 200 demons that haunted the house.
   I think it is interesting because of the fact that there were people who witnessed the strange things happening in the house to the point that the police officers in the town did not want to come inside the house at all to even try and see what was going on. It is hard to fake your child walking backwards up the wall and ceiling. But many of the things that happened in the house are things that can be rationally explained. Things like this always make me skeptical but who knows maybe something did happen.

(Below is a picture taken of the house from the front when no one was inside)

A Real Life Demon Possession Is Being Reported in Indiana – The Details Are Almost Too Horrifying to Believe

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