Monday, February 9, 2015

The famed 'Area 51', home to aliens or just a normal military base?

     Area 51 has been a mystery to myself from the moment i was born. This secret military base that was talked about in movies, television, and the news. Home to aliens, UFOs, and other secrets so special that they needed to be hidden from the rest of the world. Area 51 has been dragged through the mud by the media and extremists that the rumors are extremely exaggerated now. What really is going on in that little plot of land in Nevada that has everyone talking?
     A CNN article by Laura Koran gives some insight to what really is going on in this secret base. She states that the CIA have actually commented on the status of Area 51. They provided maps, locations and more, they have stated that it is merely a military testing site for surveillance programs. No extraterrestrial activity happens here according to them, and we are definitely alone in the universe. This shared news has made skeptics and believers alike question themselves, is this truth or not?
      Another article by Joe Martino from Collective Evolution reads a little different compared to the CIA's story. This article is about the experiences of Boyd Bushman, a new deceased scientist who worked in Area 51 supposably. In this interview before his death he shares his experiences with UFOs, aliens and other experiments that were conducted in his stay at Area 51. Bushman even provides an image of an 'alien', that was at the compound. He provided a lot of information on the place that, like with the CIA, has skeptics and believers squirming.
Who really knows if this place exists, if aliens are real, or if the government is covering it up. This is a topic mainly reserved for your opinion, Are we really alone?

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