Monday, February 9, 2015

Are Ghosts Real?

       Many people believe in the afterlife and spirits.  In fact, Ghosts are the most believed paranormal phenomena in the United States.  About 37% of the population thought ghosts haunted their house while almost half the population believes in the afterlife.  Ghosts have also been a popular subjects in stories and people have tried to communicate with spirits for a long time.  The show Ghost Hunters on SYFY has populated the idea of ghost hunting and shows that you do not have to be a scientist to do so.  However does this mean that ghosts are actually real?
      Many believe that personal experience does not trump the facts of scientific evidence.  Ghosts can be hard to investigate because people have so many categories of what a ghost is, along with other factors that many scientists find hard to support.  Many ghost hunters use tools that claim to aid in the hunt but do they actually work?
       But if science can disprove many of this, why do people still believe?  Many think its is because there is energy after we die, it does not have a place to go, so it just exists.  This theory was proposed by Albert Einstein.   In the end, the evidence supporting ghosts is not any better than it was years ago, but the hunt still continues since people are curious about the unknown

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