Monday, February 9, 2015

Faith Healing

One major belief in pseudoscience deals with faith healing. According to the American Cancer Society, faith healing is, “founded on the belief that certain people or places have the ability to cure and heal – that someone or something can eliminate disease or heal injuries through a close connection to a higher power.” This type of healing highly encourages relief from stress, pain, anxiety, and supports peace of mind. It involves group prayers with the patient or without the patient. When without the patient around, often time people will hold group prayer meetings for the patient. When with the patient, the therapist would often touch him/her with their hands while calling upon a “supreme being.” The history behind faith healing dates way back in the bible, to the beliefs that God had the ability to heal those who are hurt. Though there is no scientific evidence that faith healing actually works, many people hold this pseudoscience theory true.

I believe that this theory is very popular, but I personally think that it is a little far-fetched. Yes, I am sure people find this type of healing beneficial in a religious aspect. However I think it does not have the ability to do more than lift your spirit. I believe that it can definitely help a patient relieve some stress and feel better in their head, and can give them a will to hang on and keep fighting. But being a public health major, I chose the side of scientific evidence and faith healing does not have the capability of curing any physical ailments, such as cancer. 

here's a picture of a faith healing practice.

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