Monday, February 9, 2015

The Flanders Hotel

The Flanders Hotel, built in 1923 was named after an American cemetery in Belgium where soldiers were killed and buried during WWI. During construction the hotel was advertised as being 'fireproof' due to being constructed with concrete and steel girders. This was proved to be true in 1927 when a fire started along the boardwalk that destroyed most buildings leaving The Flanders Hotel intact. The Flanders Hotel as been able to maintain a high level of class and elegance earning a spot listed under the National Registry of Historical Places in 2009.
Growing up in Ocean City, NJ everyone always talked about The Flanders Hotel and how it was haunted. Due to so many stories travelers from all over come to see the gorgeous seaside hotel along with trying to see some ghosts. One ghost in particular is named Emily. Although some know her as 'The lady in white'. Workers and guests who have seen her say she has brown hair and is in her twenties. People say she loves to sing and is always laughing and dancing throughout the halls. Most people can see her hanging around the lobby as well as the second and fourth floor. Emily is said to play tricks on guests by unscrewing the lightbulbs in a room or playing with the door knobs. No one seems to be afraid of Emily because most seem to think she is happy and that her intention is never to scare anyone but to joke around with them. You can see portrait of her on the second floor which was painted by an artist based on different peoples stories as to what she looks like. For me, I have been to The Flanders Hotel numerous times whether it be to dine at Emily's restaurant or attend prom which is held there every year for my high school and have never encountered Emily the ghost. I can't say I believe in ghosts but if I did Emily would definitely be one that I would not mind seeing since everyone claims she is nice and playful with the workers and guests.

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