Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Twelve Vile Vortices

Around the globe there are locations that can be mapped out across the earth to expose the location of twelve specific areas where unexplained phenomena occur. These locations were originally brought to people's attention by Dr. Ivan Sanderson who authored the article "The Tweleve Devil's Graveyards around the World. The most commonly known being the Bermuda Triangle. Some scientists believe it is the occurrence of a particular mineral known as aluminum isotope 26. This was discovered by a scientist who studies the vortices after his son was killed in one by their family dog that just happened to go crazy. He took sediment samples from all of the locations where these "devil's graveyards" are said to exist, all contained this blueish layer in the dirt which was the aluminum isotope 26 . It is believed that the aluminum 26 interferes with the earths magnetic Fields doing everything from inhibiting them to forcing the magnetism of earths rotating core to build up underneath the antimagnetic layer. When this happens it is released in bursts causing compasses to spin, machines to malfunction and animals to become disoriented and lose their sanity and sense of direction. How did the aluminum isotope 26 end up in all of these places evenly mapped across the globe? No one knows but scientists have shown that in order for this particular isotope to occur where  it does a massive amount of heat energy must come down from the sky and convert the minerals. Could extraterrestrials be using these magnetic vortices as part of an elaborate navigation system as many believe?

More info on the 12 Graveyards
The map below shows the ten vortices spread across our earth. Excluding the north and South Pole which are the final two vortices. Also History Channel had an hour long special on this topic which was interesting and informative if you would like to further your knowledge.

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