Sunday, April 15, 2012

weird new jersey: ufos

purpose: The article is from the weird new jersey book. the article is to inform others of an alien encounter.

the infromation given: There are numerous stories where people have been abducted or have sited the flying saucers that they seen. The story of Barbara and her friend were heading home 1:00 a.m. and we were on Route 80 heading to Denville. As we were climbing the hill just before Denville, we both heard a female voice on my CB radio. The woman was hysterical and screaming, asking for help. when he asked what was happening she replied that they were being chased by lights. when they got to the top of the hill the lights were about 20 feet from the ground and when they disapeared that is when her car died. when they got out of the car to look they saw a oblonged ship along the bottom the lights were moving counterclockwise. then the lights came and go, stop on a dime in mid air and make 45 degree turns while flying. We watched this mother ship for at least 5 minutes as it headed east. when it was gone the car finally turned back on and they went on to Denville. one day at work someone was looking for her. he was a polite guy dressed in the suit who had questions about her encounter on highway after she answered his questions he went on his way and was said he was going to check out the military aircraft and how they maneuver.

one question that she had was how did the person looking for her at her work know about her siting because she had not told anyone about her encounter, and when she reported it to the police she did not give her name or where she worked.

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