Monday, April 16, 2012

Post 3 Stanley Hotel
The post is about the Stanley Hotel which was the inspiration used by Stephen King in his story, The Shining. This hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado and has numerous accounts of haunting. The purpose of this post is to deliver the information about the hotel to help you form your own opinion on the possible paranormal activity which is said to occur. This means that the question is quite simple, is The Stanley haunted? This is where the information comes in. The Stanley is said to have a Room 217 where Stephen King himself stayed. During his stay King reported that he heard ghost children playing in the hallways, yet without the malicious intent that he portrayed in his novel. Other activity had been recorded where employees and guests alike have heard faint music coming from the Ballroom and many have claimed to actually see the piano keys moving...spooky. Now, without any physical evidence or any experiences of my own, all I can go by are the witness reports on what has happened. While many may not believe in the paranormal, there are no consequences to  this belief. If anything, it may bring more business to the Stanley which will have a positive consequence rather than anything negative. Whether or not you believe is up to you, however numerous reports have placed this hotel as one of the most haunted in the world.

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