Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do the Stars play a part?

It's been posted about already but I would like to discuss a bit about astrology and why I find it interesting. Astrology is basically the belief that the stars are influential to our lives and the way we act in everyday life. The foundation is based upon when a person was born. Mostly when and where the stars or planets were aligned at the time of one's birth is essential in determining many factors of personality, actions, decisions and future events. For instance, I myself am classified as a Gemini. I was born May 21st 1988 at 8:05pm. Astrology also looks at a person's moon sign. This can also be a deciding link towards personality and views of the world. A prominent figure in the practice of Astrology is author Linda Goodman. According to some of her clarifications in astrology, my moon is Mercury which says I am sensitive and deeply curious about life. This is very true but it's a statement that can be applied to many others who are nowhere near my birth date.

It was only after meeting a close friend that I grew more intrigued about what can be said about different people by simply knowing when they were born. Through experience, I have found some things about certain 'signs' in the zodiac are quite specific to person's personalities and the connection one has between one another. Some signs just don't mesh well with others and people can butt heads. As a psychology major, I am always interested in why people act the way they do or see things from differing perspectives. Astrology does hold some validity in many cases but like any pseudoscience, and since we're a very individual specific species, people's characteristics differ immensely.

For the most part, it's not apparent that the stars are having much effect or influence for life on earth besides the obvious such as: orbital motions, gravity and the simple beauty of the night sky. It's open to interpretation. I have met some really great people whom according to astrologists would not ordinarily be compatible with one another. As Linda Goodman reiterates after many claims, not everyone is the same even though many times, you may find her words of the differences between sign's intellect and personalities are spot on. Do the stars play a part on our lives? I can honestly say no, but then again maybe the timing of our birth Is essential to how we view the world and people around us.

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  1. I have always though astrology to be interesting, yet i don't believe in it i find myself reading them every now and then,I have actually met very good friend of mine from using this signs.