Friday, April 6, 2012

Palm Reading

Ever been down the shore or a carnival and saw the sign "Palm Reading?" Numerous fortune tellers and psychics often feel that hand reading is essential to their purpose and jobs. The purpose of palm reading seems to be that if one reads your hand, then it tells you your future. Some things it can tell you is income, family size, life span, traveling, IQ, etc. The hand reading is based on the lines on your palm as well as the chirognomy, or bumps on the hand. Different concepts are then made up based on the size of your hand, the shape, as well as the intersection of the lines on your hand. The question at issue is whether or not hand reading can actually tell your future. Numerous concepts and theories claim, especially in Eastern philosophy, that hand predictions is necessary to make sure that our futures are growing strong and that we will be fine in our future. However, the concepts on how to read hands are different throughout the world as the origin of hand reading spread to Western society, a lot of concepts have been altered. There is no clear-set way or universal guidebook to see  Information, on the other hand, shows that the lines on our hands change over time as we get older, and therefore, if we constantly took predictions from our hands about our future, our future is constantly changing. There are no theories or true studies shown to prove that there is any correlation between hand reading and accurate futures predicted. Implications or a consequence about believing in hand reading is that people may make rash decisions about their lives due to a hand reading that is not accurate. It is false predictions that could cause a lot of damage if one truly believed in them.  Although they are not accurate representations, many people continue to them due to the fact they are fun, and people are interested in the fact that hand reading could make an individual’s future seem more bright than what that individual may think it is. 

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