Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crop Circles!

When I start to think about what to post for these things, I immediately think of the 1990s Disney series called So Weird. I know I've already mentioned this series before. Tonight, I remembered the episode about crop circles.


There is the full episode if anyone is interested, or feeling nostalgic. :)

The purpose of this post is to explain the existence of crop circles and the buzz around them. Additionally, I'd like to answer the question: how do the crop circles occur? Before we tackle that, let's get some background information.

Background Information: The study of crop circles is also referred to as cereology. This refers to a circle made of a type of crop (usually corn) that has been flattened at the base, but not broken. These circles can be very simple, but can also be rather complex in formation. These circles appear mysteriously and without warning. They usually occur during the night. 

The became popularized in the 1970s when they began to appear in the media in England. The crop circles were attributed to two tricksters. Although they were publicly told to be man-made they have been an object of obsession to many paranormal investigators.  

Many of the crop circles have been found near ancient sites like Stonehenge and mounded burial grounds. Paranormal investigators take this close proximity to ancient grounds to assume that the appearance can be attributed to a larger source. Paranormal investigators chalk this up to the visitation of aliens to the area. In some instances, these paranormal investigators have claimed some sites to be 'authentic' and 'real crop circles' only to be corrected when the pranksters come forward. 

Skeptics to the alien formation of crop circles have done how-to demonstrations to show how simple it is to create complex crop circles. 

There are no severe implications to believing that extraterrestrials create crop circles. You just might seem too whimsical for your own good. 

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  1. I love crop circles. They are fascinating. They are also very creative. To say aliens did them would be probable. I love going to google earth and looking at all the crop circles.