Monday, April 9, 2012

Jersey Devil

Every state in the country has creatures that supposedly live near our homes. Many have reported seeing these creatures countless times and others go seeking to find trouble. In NJ, our creature is the New Jersey Devil. Some facts about the Devil is that its been supposedly haunting the Pinelands for over 260 years and has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses. There are many theories to how the Jersey Devil came to be including stories about a mother giving birth to a devil like child and the child sprouting wings and flew away from the house and also about a women during the revolutionary war who fell in love with a British soldier and therefore was cursed by having a devil baby. My purpose or intent of this post is to find out if the New Jersey Devil does exist or not.

Witnesses say that the Jersey Devil has the height of a short man with a body of a serpent and a head of a horse. It has two small arms and hoofed feet with big wings.

In 1909, there was a panic around the areas of South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware because of sightings of the Jersey Devil along with footprints in the snow. Schools and workers stayed home because of the reported sights. Police tried to shoot the creature but failed to bring it down.

Other sightings have been reported by random people throughout the years such as the devil landing on the roof of a guys car while he was changing a flat tire or the creature raiding a farm and eating livestock. There has not been hard proof to show that the Jersey Devil does indeed exist such as a photograph of the creature.

Until I see some hard evidence that it exists then I have to come to the conclusion that it does not exist. I have to see it to believe it.

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