Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've heard of phrenology, palm reading, personology, and other methods of reading the body in an attempt to explain a person's personality and predict their future, but rumpology took me by suprise. Rumpology is simply butt reading. An expert reads the lines, crevices, dimples, and other characteristics of a person's butt to learn more about their personality and predict their future. Rumpology dates back to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and India. In these times, a person would cover their butt in henna ink and make a print on a piece of papyrus or other surface. The rumpologist would then read the markings left by the ink, much like a fortune teller reads a palm, and tell the customer the results. Today, is still possible to get a print of your buttocks read, but some rumpologists will make a reading in person. Jacqueline Stone, a very prominent rumpologist, will do a reading for just $125! She only asks for a digital photo of your butt. She claims that the left cheek represents the past and the right hemisphere of the brain, while the right cheek represents the future and the left hemisphere of the brain. The most indicative information, however, comes from the gluteal cleft.
While this practice is fairly entertaining even to learn about, it doesn't appear to be a very valid science. Those who believe in rumpology assume that physical and mental aspects of a person are somehow connected. Believers also assume that their buttocks is a spiritual entity that has the power of informing them of their future. If this is true then a number of questions arise. What if palm readings, phrenology readings, and rumpology readings conflict with each other? Which form of reading is the superior form then? If all of these readings coincide, does that mean that supernatural forces are at work and physical traits are determining factors? What if you acquire a scar on your rump? Does this change your reading completely? All of these questions come from a nonbeliever's point of view and a person with no experience in the practice of rumpology. If Jacqueline Stallone were to be asked these questions I am quite sure she would promptly provide answers.
I don't believe there are many serious consequences to this pseudoscience if it is taken for entertainment purposes. Those who seriously believe in rumpology, however, run the risk of basing life decisions off of readings that, in my opinion, have no real significance.

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  1. This is incredibly funny. I cannot imagine someone taking this practice seriously. I mean, like you said, not only does physical appearance change, but it does not correlate with personality type in the least. What if someone worked out, lost weight, or invested in a good cellulite cream? Rumpology should go into the pseudoscience "Hall of Shame."

  2. I absolutely agree with Laura. I didn't even know such method existed! In addition to Laura's comment, what if the person got surgery or received some kind of cosmetic treatment? My issue is that they couldn't even give this a more scientific sounding name. "Rump" is a slang term, couldn't they name it after the scientific nomenclature designated for this body part? Aside from that, I also think this is pretty funny but interesting!

  3. It just goes to show you that people will look for answers anywhere they can even if it means their behind. I like the point that you bring you up about the palm reading and if the readings contradict each other; i wonder what the readers would have to say about that. People that read in to this type of thing seem to be easily deceived and have some sort of other troubles in their lives that would make them resort to having someone read their butt for life signs.

  4. I had never heard of this before today...................but all I have to say is I really don't know if I should even bother finishing school or just coming up with something like this. Well played Mrs. Stallone

  5. I never heard of rumpology until you presented it in class and I agree that it should be taken as entertainment only.