Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skin Bleaching

Purpose: My purpose of this post is to inform that skin bleaching can actually do more harm than good. Also if you are using a skin bleaching cream to make sure it does not contain any harmful ingredients. 
Information:  Skin bleaching creams are widely used among people of color and are very popular among Africans and Indians. Many of these creams are not regulated and yet can be sold over the counter but usually in the black market. These creams contain chemicals such as Mercury, Steroids, and Hydroquinone which can be harmful to a person’s health.  Ingredients such as mercury can cause many neurological problems, Steroids can cause thinning of the skin, and hydroquinone can completely damage your melanocytes. Skin bleaching can cause many chronic illnesses and skin cancer as well. Not all skin bleaching creams do harm sometimes skin bleaching can be prescribed by doctors for medical reasons for example to treat psoriasis or lighten scars.      
Assumption:  In Africa, India, and in the Caribbean’s many of the skin bleaching creams are used assuming it will make them more attractive,  attract members of the opposite sex,  be treated better, and  obtain jobs. Basically if you have lighter skin you will be more successful and be favored by peers.   
My point of view: I personally believe that media in these countries portrays having lighter skin as more superior. I also believe that history itself is one of the culprits in making people believe such.  I think people waste far too much money trying to modify themselves when they should love the way they look and be proud of their assets. Skin bleaching creams should only be used if prescribed by doctors and should only be bought at pharmacies because the creams sold in pharmacies are regulated by the FDA.  


Sonya Shah

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  1. I had posted a similar post on anti-age makeup and i'm always amazed on what chemicals people are willing to put on their skin without knowing any harmful effects they can cause.