Monday, April 16, 2012

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

Calling her name 3-14 times, in a dark room, in front of a mirror. That is what your supposed to do when you want to see Mary's reflection in the mirror. Queen Mary I is the beginning of the stories, which were based on the miscarries and deaths of all her kids. Starting in the 1600's, this folklore has many stories. A couple tell that she was a witch and had her child stolen so she committed suicide and was then sent to haunt the mirrors. Others say that when she was an orphan kid in a village in NH that kept running around yelling "gaze into the mirror and your fictional horrors will turn to truth", she was then accused of witchcraft, then one day they found her body with deep scratched and her eyes ripped out.

It is thought that you will have multiple things happen to you if you say her name. One concept is you will have your eyes ripped out of your head. Couple others are that you will have your face scratched into pieces and will be seriously injured. The worst that could happen is that you get your head cut off or that you are terribly haunted till you die a tragic death.  There was a rumor that if you found Bloody Mary, she was a summoner for the deceased.

Question at Issue:
The question at issue is does this really happen? Like if I stand in front of a mirror will I see her face and come to my death because she ripped out my eyes or cut of my head. Will you be haunted for the rest of your like because you said her name 3 times? 

Point of View:
 I have never tried to do this and I don't really care to. It is a cool story but I do not believe in it. I have talked to a lot of people who have done it and they say nothing happened. I believe in a lot of folklores and supernatural beings but this is one concept that I am not fond of.


  1. So i tried this when I was much younger. I swear it worked but of course I was alone so I have no proof. I thought I saw a handprint on my neck, but I probably was just hoping!

  2. I've done this and it never worked, and I'm extremely happy it didn't! haha

  3. I did this once with my friends in Girl Scouts when we were at camp. We did not see an image in the mirror but we heard a scream and some strange noises when we did the chant. The next day the words "Bloody Mary was here" was written in red on the mirror. It ended up being a prank set up by the older Scouts. Even though the older girls wrote the words we still had to clean the ketchup off the mirror...gotta love camp.

  4. I also have tried this as a teenager. It did not work, but for so long I was convinved that it would work. I saw it in movies and you hear all the time that if you say Bloody Mary in the mirror three times that something bad will happen. That bloody mary would come out and kill you. You are supposed to turn off the lights and say it. I did this step for step and nothing occured. We got a little chill and thrill for a few minutes but when we didn't see Bloody mary, we were a little disappointed.