Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Health in Mind

Does placing rocks on one's body in certain areas have an effect on their health? It is called Crystal healing and it's the practice that when certain elements are placed in specific parts of the body, they have some type of healing power on stress, illness or boosting of energy. The actual performing of this type of healing has been done as far back as the Egyptians when they saw jade as a precious stone which would help guide one's soul into the afterlife. It's also been known to be used in many native American cultures, notably the Hopi of Arizona. They felt that the laying of stones and other elements like gems or rubies on areas of the body would have healing powers which then could lift evil spirits from the body and mind and relieve the persons from illness.

In today's 'new age' medicine industry, it's focus is on relieving stress and boosting one's energy. The placement and the actual elements in the stones or gems are important to different healing scenarios. The stones may or may not have a, if any, effects on the body directly. I feel that if someone simply takes a moment to lie down for a period of time and attempts to clear their mind much like a form of meditation, they will most likely find some relief in some way or another. Having rocks thrown on you, for me, is just another way of controlling/restricting your movements. Everyone needs a break from life once in a while and should make time to relax with themselves. No evidence of healing chronic illnesses or ordinary sicknesses have been found using crystals. My suggestion to anyone experiencing a lack of motivation, energy or increase in stress may want to find a calm environment, forget the stones, close their eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Sit for a half hour or more then stretch it out. I bet at least for a moment, they'll feel better.

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