Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kill your self bridge

The kill your self bridge is located in old bridge new jersey, which is a town over from mine.  I have never been there, but eventually would like to take an adventure there to see what its really about.  The legend says that a long time ago a boy fell into the river by the bridge and if you throw a coin into the river you will see a reflection of the boy and it looks like he is trying to push you into the river.  Other people have said that it is on top of an Indian burial ground and also a meeting place for the KKK.  Another claim is that there is a homeless man that lives under the bridge and if you go near it he will come out with a knife and chase you.  Some of my friends have been there, but all they said was that it was creepy and there was a lot of graffiti every where saying kill your self bridge. 

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