Friday, May 1, 2015

BLK water

My sister is way into the holistic lifestyle, and the other day, I opened the fridge to see a bottle of dark brown water. I look at the labels and in big white letter, it says "BLK". I asked her why she bought mud water and she said its healthy for her and she was going to drink it every day because it claims to be enhanced with "fulvic trace minerals" to seriously hydrate the body and give much needed electrolytes and higher pH levels. Fulvic minerals are apparently derived from prehistoric plants, and "Fulvic acid is rich in minerals and life-giving nutrients and it is critical to the growth of all plant and animal life". If it was that important, I think I would have learned about it in my many biology, botany, and paleontology courses I took here at Stockton, but whatever. All I know is that it tasted like mud water, despite claiming how great this purified water tastes, and its still sitting in the fridge, with only the two sips she and I took that day.

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