Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boody Mill Road

Boody Mill Road is located in Mantua, New Jersey off of route 45. It is considered to be a haunted road in South Jersey and there is a long story behind the haunting of Boody Mill Road is that a husband, wife and children lived in a home on that street. One day the father and mother got into a really big argument that caused the mother to leave the family. It drove the father completely insane and he torched the house with the children inside. He went to his truck and took his own life. The story says that if you drive back to Boody Mill Road and turn your lights and car off you can hear the children laughing and eventually see the father standing in the rear view mirror. This road is only a few minutes from my house and I have heard the legend told many of times. I have been tempted to go to this road. I really enjoy doing going to the roads that are known to be haunted. The last road I went to was slabtown road in which I really didn't see anything. The element of thoughts we could relate this to is that there is no proof that this really does happen when you go to Boody Mill Road. It is just people working themselves up and being scared before they even go to the road and really believe that they hear and possibly see things during this time.

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