Monday, April 20, 2015

Hollow Earth Theory

In October 2002, a man named Dallas Thompson appeared on a radio show. Thompson claimed to have been in a car accident where he had a near death experience that revealed secrets of the Earth. One of these "secrets" was that the Earth was hollow and that there was an opening in the North Pole. Thompson reported that there are cavern systems and caves that traverse the whole mantle. He also said due to the special atmosphere in the hole, living creatures were protected from pollutants and harmful rays, and that there were herds of mammoth and ancient tribes down there. The members of these tribes lived to be around 1,700 years old. When asked how he knew this information, Thompson replied "I just do." He wrote a book and planned a trip to the North Pole to find the opening to the hollow earth. News of his trip traveled and he gained many followers.

A few months after his appearance on the radio show, Thompson mysteriously disappeared. On Thompson's website speculations were made about what happened to him. One person wrote “Maybe there is something someone did not want him to find," and another "it is quite a mystery. Maybe he’s there?” However, it is most likely that Thompson is in hiding. Parts of his book "Cosmic Manuscript" were plagiarized word for word from other materials. When law suits were made, Thompson disappeared.

This is the website that I found this information on.

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