Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Tulpa’s are known as imaginary friends that have their own thoughts and emotions, who you can interact with. They are sometimes referred to as hallucinations that can think and act on their own. Tulpa’s can also be described as a conjuring spirit or a phantom, and can be created through mental discipline. A thought form is the equivalent concept to a Tulpa within the Western occult tradition. In the modern perspective, most people believe there is nothing supernatural about Tulpas, and there are multiple websites that explain how to create a Tulpa.

Furthermore, there are still some individuals who believe that Tulpas are supernatural creatures. Some people say that once the Tulpa is capable of acting as a real being, it can free itself from it’s creator’s control. Tulpas can also become possessed by demonic figures, and can vary in their amount of power. Overall, Tulpa is a fancy term used to describe an imaginary friend, and there is no concrete evidence to prove that they are supernatural beings.

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