Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Ghost of SIx Flags

Because I work at Six flags and have an interest in the paranormal, I did my research about a certain event that happened in the park.  On May 11, 1984, eight teenage visitors were trapped and killed in the Haunted castle attraction that was burned to the ground. Six Flags as a company was investigated and found not guilty.

There was also another story about an employee dying from Rolling Thunder back in 1981.  A guest and her boyfriend were sitting down where they felt another presence sitting down next to them, wearing 80's style clothing. 

As an employee, I do feel a little creeped out when I walk out at night, as I walk by where the Haunted Castle was located prior to the fire.  I have also heard many noises walking at night, but those could always be animals.  All of the people I work with feel just as creeped out as me when they walk by the same area.  



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