Thursday, April 16, 2015

Brick Midget House For Sale

Newspaper Ad stating : 
"For Sale: Charming cozy ranch style brick cottage in Brick, NJ, located on a spacious lot near the water. One bedroom, one bath, dine-in kitchen, living room with working brick fireplace, and an outdoor pool. Note: Perspective buyers should not exceed three and a half feet in height." 

The owners purchased the land back in 2000, they discovered this small scale house in their backyard. And yes, this house is fully funcitoning just on a smaller scale. Sadly the tiny house that sits in their backyard has been know to the local town as a place to steal from and break windows. Due to this, the owners never let their grandchildren play in the house. Despite the fact that it was built by the previous owners in the 60's for their grandchildren to play in.

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