Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Garcina Cambogia

Kirt Zorzi
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Garcina Cambogia 
There is a dietary supplement that has been trending in recent time. The supplement is a plant called Garcina Cambogia that is also referred to as Garcinia gummi-gutta a pumpkin shape colored green. It is native to Asian culture and is used in many asian Dishes for flavors. The extract from the plant  Hydroxicitric Acid is the active ingredient and what causes the weight loss in subjects.
This is Related to Pusedoscience because there is a lot of hype though social media, radio commercials, and TV ads. It gets consumers eager to buy and try it because they associate it with a magic pill, and will no longer have the need to exercise or watch what they eat. They think purchasing this product will solve all their problems. 

When in reality this is not the case, in fact in the article there were multiple tests done on lab rats and on human subjects as well. While the chemical worked on the rats fairly well, this was not the same for humans. Of all the various tests that were done the results were all very inconsistent, and in some cases the placebo group lost more weight then the test group. This chemical making its way in the media to me is bad, because even with evidence, its surfaced to be a quick fix magic pill, and people who are health concise may see this supplement on the shelfs and quit their healthy lifestyles for a magic pill.

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