Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine involves anything that is believed to have the healing effects of medicine, but has not been linked to enough scientific evidence to prove it truly works. Alternative medicines have been around for thousands of years and exist in many different forms. Some new and traditional "medicines" include homeopathy, chiropractors, energy giving medicine, forms of acupuncture, "ancient chinese medicine", and most popular, Christian faith to pray and get healed. Alternative medicines are not  recognized nor practiced by most medical schools. Most alternative medicine is based on religion, tradition, and the belief in superstition and therefore is typically found to be froud. For example, . One of the most common viruses that we have to worry about every year is the flu. When a person gets sick, they go and get treatment for their ailment. One medication in particular that Park looks at is called oscillococcinum. This homeopathic medication sits on the shelf at pharmacies along with other over-the-counter flu medications. The other medications do not say that they are able to cure the flu or stop a person from getting it. Instead, these medications are there to ease the symptoms that a person would suffer from such as muscle pain, nasal congestion, and other symptoms. Likewise, these medications also list the side effects they have. The unique thing about oscillococcinum is that it has no side effects according to Park. The concentration of this magical medication is at 200CK HPUS. The "C" means the initial dilution is one-hundredth dilated and the 200 means that the process was repeated for a total of 200 times. If ever interested, one of the best sites to check out for alternative medicine is   .

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