Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saumrai Ghost

A father took a picture of his daughter on the beach of Zushi, Japan and when he went to look at the photo a little later he noticed that it looked like someone was standing behind his daughter. The man insisted that he did not mess with the photo in any way. He said that he took a few pictures and when he went to look through them later he noticed that there were a pair of boots behind his daughter in the photo. After he saw the photo he put it up on a ghost section of Reddit and many people said that it was Samurai footwear that belonged to a ghost warrior who "must have wondered over from a nearby graveyard." Someone else said it might be an old US Navy uniform from the WWII era. There have been other kinds of photos similar to this one, where weird things have been standing behind a person who were thought to not be there.

There could be an easy explanation to this and say that the dad just didn't notice that there was someone behind his daughter on the beach when he was taking the picture, however he said that his daughter is shy and she would have noticed someone behind her and in all the other pictures he took there was not anyone on the beach behind her. Definitely something weird, but it is entirely possible that he did not notice someone or that he doctored the photo.


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