Monday, April 13, 2015

Kirt Zorzi 
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Loaki Braclet 

The Loaki bracelet is a new bracelet that fits into the power and balance product category. It is a bracelet with two key points on it. it has a black bead with dirt in it from the “dead see” which is the lowest point on earth. Along with a white bead with water from mount everest which is the highest point on earth. Along with several other clear ones to represent the user wearing it. The purpose behind this bracelet is to represent the ups and downs of our lives and to remind consumers that life is a circle. 
This product the Loaki Braclet Ties into pusedoscience in a few different ways. One of the primary purposes is this bracelet has a mental purpose behind it, it is meant for when the person wearing it is having a rough time to look at it and remember that life will get better and to keep your head up, and then when your at the “top of the world” and succeeding in life to stay humble and enjoy it. In a way you could say its a confidence booster, and an ego deflator. It does have a sense of assumptions though, for example a person who's having a rough time may think by wearing the band everything will get better without working as hard to achieve success. 
Although this bracelet is a mental effect on the user, it does not cause any kind of harm to the user. Nor does it make the user think to stop taking medication, or any thing else that could cause harm. This bracelet is a perfect example of pusedo science 

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