Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ouija Board Origin and My Experience With One

There is a magical board that his the capability to speak to the dead and answer any question you ask it, this board is known as the Ouija Board. The board is commonly sold in almost any toy store and has been the midnight entertainment on spooky nights for thousands of children, but is this board really a toy? The Ouija Board's origin dates back to 1886 when a news paper called the New York Daily Tribune wrote about a strange board with letters used in Ohio. The paper stated that the board was used so that spirits could communicate with the living. The popularity that game this board led three men in 1890 to make things board even bigger. Elijah Bond, Charles Kennard, and William H.A. Maupin decided to make this board into a toy for everyone to use. They purchased a patent on this Ouija Board meaning "yes" and sold it for $1.50. From there the board modernize and turned into the many games and even movies we have about the board today.

Many people doubt the validity of the boards power to speak with the spirits, but there are some believers as well. Most people say that one of the people playing with them is making it move, or some other reason. I actually have had my own experience with the board which made me somewhat a believer. I was playing with 4 of my friends in a dark room and night with the candles on to "welcome" the spirits. We all put our fingers on it and nothing happened for 5 minutes, but then finally the board started to move. I swore that it was not me moving it and it did not look like my other friends were moving it either. The board moved around to different letters spelling a story about a man named Tom who lived down the street who died in a car crash. Tom told us he was just looking for his wife the whole time and could not "pass on" until he did. Tom answered yes or no questions for us multiple times and it seemed pretty believable. I can't say that I believe in ghosts, but unless my friends were lying to me, I can't explain how that happened.

Its not just myself who have had these similar experiences, there are thousands of people who post experiences like mine on the internet everyday. There is not much proof to their stories, but having an experience like I did I can relate to these people's posts.

When thinking about the elements of thoughts with the Ouija Board there isn't much to think about, it is fairly cut and dry. There is no proof or facts supporting it, its not backed by science. It is mainly just assumptions and believing what you see, Ouija Boards fake or not don't have any negative notions or implications either.

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