Monday, April 6, 2015

Robert Bingham

According to Robert Bingham he used meditation to call down an alien space craft. He often claims that he can contact aliens through his meditation and does so in front of a large amount of people and according to many of the people who have gone to see him they "do not leave disappointed." In the video on the page, there is a cloud that is continuously changing shape and according to Bingham this is the space craft that he had requested to come down. According to the post before the video it shows that the cloud like shape changes its form in pattern several times and then at the end shows the interior of the ship which is something that you cannot believe.

After watching  the video I have to say it is definitely something weird that I am not sure how to explain but that doesn't meant there isn't an explanation. In one of the comments under the post someone commented that it might be a Mylar balloon which typically changes shapes that are similar to the ones shown in the video. To me however I find it not really plausible that this man meditated himself into contact with aliens and then had this object appear soon after. In terms of the elements of thought this definitely plays to assumption on the parts of the people participating in Robert Binghams gathering and has a lot to do with point of view and what you believe happened. I don't think that it is real and that there isn't a lot of information to go off of in the video other than what Bingham says, but you can be the judge.

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