Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bigfoot, a tall tale, or a tall animal?

Ever since I was really young I've been entertained by the myth's of big foot, the lochness monster, and even mothman. These tales have always made me wonder if there are monstrous beasts, prehistoric fish, or a medical experiment gone horribly wrong (mothman.) Even though I had never really investigated I had always believed these tales.

Now, I am just going to focus on Big foot, or maybe you call him sasquatch, it's whatever name tickles your fancy, I prefer big foot. Big foot is supposedly 9 feet tall, that's 3 feet taller than the average 6 foot male, so he's pretty tall, and he's a whopping supposed 300 to 2000 lb. animal. I dont know about you, but I think if he was 2000 lbs, and 9 feet tall, we would've seen him by now, and he'd probably be caught, and placed in some zoo (Hopefully not the bronx zoo, or he may just get lost jk). (My opinion)

The legend of this creature is quite a tale. It goes back to the 1800's. The legend is, that the Native Americans were the first one's to see him, but it ranged from tribe to tribe. One tribe's story was that if you heard or said his name he would come and carry you off, sometimes to be killed. Another tribe said there were cannibalistic wild men that lived on the peak of Mt. St. Helens. Another story is that the Giant (Bigfoot) walked among the Native Americans in Spokane, Washington. Whatever the story he's a quite popular creature. If you just type big foot in the google search box you come up with 14,100,000 results. If you go on you can recieve a daily newsletter, and email, hear sound recordings, see the Oregon sighting database or even a national sightings database. His sightings aren't limited to Oregon though, they range from state to continents in fact the only continent he's never been reported in is Antarctica. So, it's no wonder, he's famous, he's fast also, either that or has procreated with another species in almost every country. Or maybe there are many more out there!

I don't know about you but, I think if this creature is as big as they say he is, wouldn't he already be found. I mean it would be pretty easy to spot a 9 foot creature, at about 300 to 2000 lbs, and not only to spot him but to see him but to chase him. There's a show on syfy called "fact or faked", and if you watch the episode on big foot, they disprove a video sighting they recieved, but when they go to hunt for the animal, they find something on a thermal scanner, that shows that he was near them , but even though they don't find him they do find a massive footprint that makes me still a skeptic. Now I'm not saying that this show isn't scripted, it's meant to entertain, but I'm still a skeptic.

Even though I'm a skeptic myself, I think people enjoy the tales of bigfoot. They make for good campfire stories, and good stories, to make sure your kid's dont end up in the woods. I think these stories might've been told by the indians to make sure their kids wouldn't wander off into the woods without anybody who is of a better age. It's entertaining to hear these stories, and that's why I think he may not be real. It's easy to say you believe in a 9 foot 300 lb man walking around, and it's fun to tell around a campfire trying to scare a couple of boy scouts. The confidence in the teller of the story also has something to do with it, but whatever the story, or whatever the case, the big man is very famous.

Again, I'm not doubting he's real. There's a heck of a lot of woods out there in the Pine Barrens alone there's 1.1 million acres, and some scientists say we haven't even scratched the surface of all the animals, insects, and fish there are out there. So why not believe the story of big foot, maybe he is a man eating, 300 lb fellow, with big feet, or maybe he's a imaginative made up creature used to keep your kids in line whatever the case, big foot (or sasquatch) is seen everyday, from anywhere like Asia, to the Nj. So, what do you think, fact or fiction?

If you want to join the search for big foot you can go on:

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A video on the episode fact or faked with the bigfoot sighting in it is:

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