Thursday, March 10, 2011


I’ve always wondered if hypnosis really worked, and if so, how it worked. Well a few years ago I went to a hypnosis show in Smugglers Notch, Vermont. In order for my friends and I to believe the hypnotist was truly pulling random audience members, a few of my friends volunteered. Two of them did not make it past the first “round.” One friend, named Matt, lasted the entire show. This really made us believe that hypnosis was real because Matt is a very quiet kid, who did many things during the show that he would have never done if it wasn’t for being hypnotized. (I have a video of the hypnosis show I went to with my friend Matt participating, but it is on Facebook so I will have to show it during class.)

I decided to do some research on how hypnosis works and people’s beliefs of what hypnosis can do. Some believe that hypnosis can do extraordinary things, which in fact is not true. After looking at a few different websites I found a few interesting comments from hypnotists…

-“About three-fourths of all clients have unrealistic visions of what hypnosis is”
-“After being trained in hypnosis, I quickly learned that people were eager to become subjects in order to discard old behaviors that were sabotaging success. People with habit disorders such as smoking, nail-biting, overeating and other indulgences were the most interested in getting the treatment. Perhaps they felt like slaves to their addictions and wanted a force greater than themselves to miraculously cure them of their demons” (These are the people that hypnosis does NOT work for)
-“Clients who want to use hypnosis as a quick fix will likely not be successful, in part because they are not willing to make the needed changes in their lives to provide the infrastructure they need to make their lives different.”
-“Hypnotherapy works if you don't rely on it to do all the work, taps into the cooperation between your unconscious, conscious and subconscious mind, empowers you to believe you can achieve your goal, presupposes that you have everything you need to accomplish the goal, works with a strategy for change, and hypnosis is not a quick fix and requires effort and continuous planning.”

Basically what these websites are saying is that hypnosis works but only to an extent. People’s idea of hypnosis is usually false. It cannot change who you are, it can only help and you have to do the rest of the work yourself.

Here is a good example of how FAKE some hypnosis can be….

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