Friday, March 25, 2011

Breaking Mirrors

The old myth and legend of "breaking a mirror" they say leads to seven years of bad luck. Most people think of this when a large size mirrior has been broken, then a little compact mirror. The reflection in the mirror represents your soul, as well as your reflection. If the mirror is damaged, your soul will become damaged as well. The broken soul is less capable of protecting a person from misfortune, and wioll be subject to more "bad luck", or the damaged soul will bring down thye bad luck of revenge of the mirror breaker's carelessness. The reason seven years is the length of bad luck is because it goes back to the Romans, because they believed life renewed itself every seven years. Damaging the mirror will put damage to one's heath, and would take seven years to recover. If the mirror breaker uses and superstition antidotes, it may be a big help and ward off some sorts or bad luck, but it must5 be done quickly. Some of these antidotes include: throwing salt over your shoulder, spinning around three times in a counter-clockwise direction, grinding mirror shards into fine powder, burning the mirror pieces and burrying them a year later, and taking a piece of the broken mirror and touching it with a tombstone. In reality it's heard and known that the broken mirror is not a remmedie. Mirrors can fall and break on their own without anyone there. Myths and superstions go as far as what the person believes. If you believed you were never a lucky person, then you brake a mirror, it's not going to change how you feel. You can only believe what is in your mind.

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