Monday, March 21, 2011

Lacrosse Superstitions

Many players for a majority of sports do some crazy rituals the night before a game. They believe in these superstitions because they think they will do well if everything goes the same way that it always does. I for example listen to pump up  rap music for a couple hours before the game, and the previous night I will eat pasta and play the LAX video game on my X box. One Duke player (D1 champions) rubs cheese on the top of his head every night before a game to bring him luck to rip top cheese (score a goal in the upper part of the goal).

On youtube I found an interview of some Umass players who also have some crazy rituals like always taping their stick before the game, not letting it touch the floor until they are on the field. One player will play Call of Duty until the warm up because it gets him in the zone. A few players would take a nap a few hours prior to game time, while many players would lace up their cleats in a specific order. (left then right or vice versa). Also the goalie from Syracuse smears mud from his backyard on his face before every game, (many players use eyeblack a certain way). Whichever superstitions they believe in, each player will have their own specific interesting pregame ritual to follow, which is one reason that Lacrosse is such a fun sport.

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