Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faith Healers?

I was flipping through the channels one night when I came across a program called "Our America with Lisa Ling." Not so much who was on it made me stop but the topic, the topic was faith healers. This had caught my attention because we had talked about something like this before. This particular faith healer made me quite mad.

On the part I saw there were 2 people. These 2 people were so sick and wanted so badly for this guy to heal them. One of the women, Carol, was sick with cancer, the other man, Steve was going to this faith healing to be healed of him being paralyzed from the waist down.

This show was actually quite moving, Lisa Ling talked to these people about what would happen if Todd didn't heal them and it turned out that the lady who was sick with cancer,Carol, didn't have any more money to use on cancer treatments, and neither did her family. In fact it turned out that basically the rest of their money was going to this faith healing. Steve was sure it was going to work. Earlier in the show he kept repeating that "this was his night, he was going to push his wheelchair out the door" with him. He had no room for doubt.

The guy, named Todd Bentley, spoke words of believing in Jesus who will heal you. Then he got off his stage and started holding people's heads repeating the words, "The power, the power, the power, power,". Just watching the people who were ready to be healed, shaking with hope, crying from faith, and really believing in the guy. It was disheartening for me to watch and knowing that this just wasn't going to work, but maybe, just maybe for, these really good people, it really would work.

The show ended and Steve wasn't able to walk, and it told you that Carol's cancer got worst, and the doctors aren't giving her much more time to live. Yet this guy... this faith healer, said it would work, as long as you believe, and if you hear him talk at the end of the show, you can tell he is such a its not even right.

Like him though, there are hundreds of other so called "faith healers". Who have the confident voice. The ability to preach the lords gospel, like that. He obviously doesn't believe in God, and if he does he should be ashamed. This faith healer, made so many believe and he crushed all of their dreams, and hopes of getting better.

There are hundreds of other of the faith healers though, for instance, Peter Popoff, and Pat Robertson, along with others. They are just fooling people. I am not saying there are one's out there that aren't real, but for the one's I have seen, they are just playing on people's emotions. Again using the vulnerability of the sick, dying, and injured, and getting all of their money. It's just not right to do this. These are people that may stop going to treatments, because they think they are healed, and they're not. Again I think it's the confidence, the fact that they can say it, and wow a crowd. Make them into believers when actually the only thing they're leaving behind is their money.

Below I have listed a video clip from our America with Lisa Ling, Todd Bentley's website, and Todd Bentley's interview after the show.

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