Friday, March 11, 2011

Baseball Superstitions

Players in sports have some of the strangest superstitions from eating certain foods before games to getting dressed the same way everyday. But no sport has as weird of superstitions as baseball. Baseball players do the weirdest things to keep streaks and good luck going. Turk Wendell former Cubs pitcher brushes his teeth and chews licorice between every inning to have good luck. We have already talked about Wade Boggs and how he only eats chicken the day before a game but he also draws a symbol in the dirt meaning "To Life" in the batters box before every at bat. Another weird superstition is Mark “The Bird” Fidrych's. He would play with the dirt on the back of the mound and talk to himself and the ball before he pitched every game. Other not as well known superstitions in baseball is to spit into your hand before picking up the bat is said to bring good luck. Another not so well known superstition for baseball and one that isn't done so much is putting a wad of gum on a player's hat brings good luck. One thing that you never do is let another player use your bat apparently that is a jinx and they will do bad. One superstition that everyone in baseball follows is that if your pitcher is pitching a perfect game or no hitter you never speak of it while its going on or it will not happen. Another well know superstition is refusing to wash a piece or part of an entire uniform during a hot playing streak.

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  1. Baseball begun from a diversion with a couple of various names: round ball, town ball, base, and objective ball. This amusement was first presented in print in the late 1827, however it was being played by Americans preceding that time.