Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories have been a topic of interest for people for many years. In our day and age, people always feel as if they are not being completely informed. This could be true, and it could also be for many perfectly understandable reasons. However, this has cause many people to become extremely paranoid about things that they do not understand. I believe that people naturally thirst for knowledge, and when people cannot understand something or are not completely informed on some matter, they tend to attribute that to wrongful doings. I believe that most people who subscribe to most conspiracy theories do so because they believe that if information is being held than it must be because those withholding information believe that we (meaning the public) will strongly oppose what is going on. This more recent rise of a societal feeling of a lack of knowledge and released information on important matters has gave way to many conspiracy theories.

Some of these theories are minor and insignificant, but the majority of them are on a large, impactful scale; such as the worlds end in 2012, the Georgia guidestones, the churches, etc. All in all the majority of these theories involve subject matters that people fear; either for harmful reasons, or because we simply do not understand. What I have found interesting, though, is how many more conspiracy theories have developed since the original apocalyptic 2012 theory revolving around the ending of the Mayan calender. Ever since a theory or thought about doomsday on earth had surfaced, it seems like people have made everything else that is not well understood fit perfectly with this theory of the end of the world. I, personally, believe that people innately need to find confirmation for their beliefs, and having an unprovable theory to attach their beliefs to is the easiest way to "prove" them to themselves.

Another interesting thing I have found about current conspiracy theories is that people always seem to attribute the people who are behind their conjured heinous things are usually groups of people who are not well understood. It seems that most conspiracy theories tend to lay the blame on groups such as the "New World Order", the Freemasons, the Templar Knights, the Rosicrucians, the Skull and Bones, etc. The list goes on and on. As I have said, it seems as if people are always placing the blame on groups such as this because they are "secretive" groups. Being labeled as cut off from the public, or not common knowledge, it is easy to assume that these groups are behind such sly and devious deeds.

I have done a lot of research and reading into some of these groups that I have previously stated out of pure interest. From what I have uncovered it seems as though these groups are not as mischievous, deadly, and scary as people may think. They are simply pre-labeled and misunderstood.

Some conspiracy theories are fun to investigate. It is interesting to see the correlations that people find between different things. Some of these theories that are floating around today's society may very well be true, and, some, you may not find a single thread of truth behind. Either way I would encourage people to take the time to formulate their own opinions, do their own research, and make their own correlations before jumping on a bandwagon that is anti-this or anti-that simply because their is a large conspiracy against it.

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  1. I thought your post was very interesting, especially the videos! I have always found learning about conspiracy theories to be pretty cool, but never really believed them because most seem very bizarre to me. Anyway, nice job!