Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crop Circles

People have been noticing the flattening of fields for many years now. The field is sually one that consist of wheat, barley, or maize. The field is also flattened into some kind of shape, whether it is a circle or some kind of odd sign. Today, these formations are known as crop circles and their creation is highly debated. The most common belief is that the crop circles and are created by extraterrestrial beings. Because of the complexity of the designs, it is believed that no being on earth could possibly make it. Aslo the presence of ultrasound and way that the crops have been laid down make it seem highly improbable to be manmade. This theory is highly disregarded because there has been no true evidence of aliens. A proven cause of crop circles is pranksters, the most famous being Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. These men have admitted to making countless crop circles from 1971 to 1991. Using only a rope and a wood plank, there were able to make the formation in an hour time period. Since them, many other pranksters have taken to making crop circles with improved techniques. The other known cause of crop circles is animals. In Australia, wallabies have been seen creating crop circles by running in circles after eating the opiates contained in poppies.

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  1. WOW! Not about the moon?! You should see the movie signs. It's related to this topic. You did a good job explaining the pseudoness of crop circles. Its kind of funny; i cant draw anything but these guys are capable of these things!!! WOWWW