Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My family isn't especially superstitious except here and there. My grandmother wore the Italian Cornuto to "keep the evil eye away" and kept Chinese cat statues in her home for luck. This never effected my household as much as the Curse of the Great Bambino. My Dad, a die hard baseball fan used to tell me about it when I was young and I'm sure everyone is at least a little familiar with it. The legend goes as followed.. In 1918 the Red Sox won their 5th World Series with Babe Ruth as their pitcher. The owner sold Babe's contract to the NY Yankees and since then NEVER won a world series in over 80 years -- Hence, the Curse of the Great Bambino. (haha) Here you can see a timeline of the Sox, to further 'prove' the curse. But while the Sox are telling themselves to "wait till next year", think about it. Is the curse real? Or just coincidence.

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